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"Cafe Hanoi is an all-round gem. The design is clever, the staff are fabulous and the food is innovative enough to be interesting but not so as to veer too far from authentic Vietnamese street food."

Nici Wickes,

10th Sept 2010, NZ Herald



"The recently opened Cafe Hanoi, ticks all the boxes of a savvy inner-city eatery. The slick interior designed by Nat Cheshire, great service provided by the immaculate Hector Palmer, and a tasty menu by chef Jason van Dorsten all combine to make for a restaurant worthy of a cosmopolitan, soon to be, Super City."

Claire Sullivan,

The Denizen


"Casual shouldn't equate with careless, it's more about taking an unpretentious, honest yet innovative approach to food and creating an environment to match. The likes of Auckland's new Cafe Hanoi in a heritage building in Britomart epitomises this approach. It's run by industry professionals, the dining and decor is fresh and the service friendly, efficient and informed."

Janetta Mackay,

24th November 2010, NZ Herald



"What I love most about Hanoi is its raw concrete structure - the building and her tormented past are laid bare. On the sticky Auckland night I visited, the scent of lemongrass, swaying paper lanterns, flickering candlelight, and the rich patina of old plaster, evoked a different time and place."

Andrea Stevens,




"Altogether this was a near-perfect night out. The service was fast, attentive and fun, the general buzz of the place gathered us all up, the food was a brilliant mix of old Hanoi and modern with all those sweet, sour and salty tastes and "barely cooked" Vietnamese-style wok cooking I remember so clearly combined with a few modern tastes and a short but well-chosen wine list."

Carroll du Chateau,

21st Dec 2010, Canvas, NZ Herald

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Cafe Hanoi Vietnamese Eatery,
Excelsior Building, Cnr Galway & Commerce,
Britomart, Auckland

09 302 3478